Resources, Tips & Tools for Employers

pen-checklist-icon-greenSurvey the Talent Pool

Labor market information is readily available to help build your recruitment plan. Learn more about the Southern Maryland workforce regions with these resources.

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

County Labor Force Fact Sheets

Southern Maryland Workforce Data

Major Employers

handshake-icon-greenDevelop Your Recruitment Approach

When you are ready to hire, the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland can assist you at no cost with job description development, a private space to interview potential employees, applicant screening and other aspects of the hiring process. For more information, contact Business Services Representative Lee Greely at 240-412-1695 or email.

The Maryland Workforce Exchange website also offers an employers section that allows you to search resumes from qualified candidates.

piggy-bank-icon-greenFind Financial Incentives

Apprenticeships and Training
Is your business interested in starting an apprenticeship program? Learn more about the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program and the eligible tax credits that are available.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
The goal of tax credits is to help those most in need find and retain jobs and gain on-the-job experience. Federal and state tax credits reduce an employer's cost of doing business. Learn more about these Maryland tax credits.

Federal Tax Credits

State Tax Credits