Royalle Dining Services

Ed Baddour grew up in Calvert County. It’s a point of pride for the entrepreneur and he believes this special place helped him make Royalle Dining Services one of the region’s top vending companies.

“Calvert County schools are excellent,” Ed says, “and the community is supportive of local businesses.” This nurturing environment helped Royalle Dining Services grow from one vending machine in 1991 to several thousand spanning the entire mid-Atlantic area.

Ed says people and technology are the keys to the company’s success. Royalle’s 51 employees are well-trained professionals who care about serving their customers. They utilize the latest technology, such as dynamic routing and telemetry data transfers, to service accounts. The company has also launched unmanned “mini marts” that are changing the vending industry by bringing unparalleled convenience to workplaces.

As trends evolve, Royalle is spearheading changes in the industry by providing healthier alternatives to traditional vending products. Its Healthy Choice program initiated in 2001 has received national attention.

Through it all, Ed says, support from the Department of Economic Development has provided a strong foundation for success. “Local government has been proactive promoting and supporting Royalle Dining Services,” he says. “It has been instrumental in making connections to help grow our business.”

Ed Baddour