Community Profile

  1. Agriculture

    The Department of Economic Development actively promotes and supports agriculture in Calvert County.

  2. Business Testimonials

    Calvert County business owners describe in their own words why they chose the county as a business destination and how county government helped them succeed.

  3. Demographics

    Learn more about what makes Calvert County a special place in which to do business.

  4. Economic Indicators

    Calvert County by the numbers. View labor force information, employment, building permit totals and other statistics.

  5. Energy Partners

    Calvert County recognizes that alternative energy sources are important to increase America's energy security and to provide reliable domestic energy supply.

  6. Local Businesses

    View more information about local businesses.

  7. Location and Climate

    Calvert County, located 30 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., is bounded on the east by the scenic Chesapeake Bay and on the west by the Patuxent River.

  8. Quality of Life

    Calvert's location provides unlimited access to a variety of cultural and recreational activities including museums, theater, professional sports, symphony orchestras and natural attractions.

  9. Strategic Plan

    The Calvert County Economic Development Commission (EDC) adopted its 1st Five-Year Strategic Plan in March 1997. Each year the EDC holds a strategic planning meeting to review and update its Five-Year Strategic Plan.

  10. Taxes

    View more information on income, property, sale and use tax in Calvert County.

  11. Transportation

    Calvert County provides various methods of transportation.

  12. Utilities

    View utilities providers for Calvert County.